Friday, August 7, 2009

Chas McDevitt Group

My one track from this one hit wonder skiffle group comes from The Roots Of British Rock, that I mentioned before, in connection with Lonnie Donegan, who, like McDevitt, was from Glascow. The singer, who went by the extraoridinary name of Nancy Whisky (from the song, whose name, by coincidence, is Nancy Whisky), her real name was Ann Wilson, which isn’t nearly as cool.

Chas McDevitt Group (with Nancy Whisky):

Freight Train – This seems to have been a folk song that got picked up by many recording artists. It’s the story of a guy who left. Pretty simple. This is the skiffle version, a hit in the summer of 1957, top 10 in the UK, top 40 in the US. I also have versions by Rusty Draper, and Peter, Paul & Mary.

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