Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marvin Rainwater

He is considered to have been a rockabilly … legend is a bit strong, but something like that. He had 4 hits in the late 50s, one of which was called Half Breed and was not the Cher song.

The two songs I have here came from two different places; the first was on a compilation album, K-Tel or something, the second from the original single.

Marvin Rainwater:

Gonna Find Me A Bluebird – He’s been feeling sorry for himself, but he’s done. And he’s made up his mind that things will be better. I say good for him, but there’s still some sadness here, it’s in the steel guitar, it’s in the bird’s trill, it’s in his voice. So I’m not so convinced. From the summer of 1957.
Whole Lotta Woman – Sounds like someone who needs everything on a big scale. She gotta have a “whole lotta man.” I don’t wonder. From the winter of 1958.

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