Monday, August 9, 2010

Homer & Jethro

Homer & Jethro Thank heaven for Homer & Jethro who remind us not to take it all so damn seriously. These guys take songs about heartbreak, about the difficulties of trying to keep your soul together, about the condition known as life, and tear it all to pieces with a joy that has this humble blogger laughing his head off.

Homer & Jethro:

The Battle Of Kookamonga – The Battle Of New Orleans retold as the story of a bunch of randy boys at summer camp trying to catch the girls who, in the end, are captured by U.S. marines. From the fall of 1959, the last of 3 hits they had on the pop charts.
Your Cold Cold Heart – This is the Hank Williams song, Homer & Jethro style. “Why don’t you sit on the stove,” they sing, “and melt your cold cold heart…”
Sixteen Tons – The problem with rendering a spoof of Sixteen Tons is that the original delivery by Tennessee Ernie Ford is rendered with a kind of irony. Still though, it’s good for a smile.
He’ll Have To Go – The Jim Reeves song. Reeves was all about putting his foot down, however gently he delivered the message. Jeanne Black sang He’ll Have To Stay, and put old Jim in his place. Homer & Jethro wiped the floor with both of the them.
Let Me Go Blubber – Obviously this is Let Me Go Lover, a hit primarily for Joan Weber, and it’s politically incorrect. There are many today, after all, who consider obesity beautiful…When they sing “turn me loose, please reduce your caboose” I am moved to tears…
(How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window – My original assumption was that was a knock at Elvis was proved false by the fact that this was a hit in 1953.
Hart-Brake Hotel – Ok so here’s the knock at Elvis…
Jam-Bowl_Liar (Jambalaya) – The second Hank Williams spoof on the collection. This one is just all over the map…
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Undoubtedly the funniest attempted seduction on record. June Carter sings on this. That was before she was married to Johnny Cash Haven’t they heard that no means no? A hit in 1949.
Mr. Sandman – When the dream turns to a nightmare. The Chordettes’ hit turned on its head…

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