Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wink Martindale

Wink Martindale Wink (Winston was his real name) was a TV and radio personality who happened to put 2 songs into the top 100. I think that I got this from a K-Tel country music collection.

Wink Martindale:

Deck Of Cards – The story of a soldier who gets nailed for playing cards in church. He gets out of it though, by making out that all the numbers and suits have holy associations – one is God, three is the trinity, the queen is the mother, the jack is the devil etc. Did you know that there are 365 spots on a deck of cards? I didn’t. It represents, according to our narrator, the number of days in the year. Indeed it does, but that’s hardly sacred, and if I were the provost listening to this, it’s where I’d start to wonder. That is if I bought the malarky in the first place. Good that he came up with this, though, because the provost-marshal threatened to punish him “more than any man has ever been punished.” That’s pretty scary, I mean it includes the Spanish Inquisition and all, and it kind of does away with the whole concept of due process. “I was that boy” says Wink, and we don’t actually find out what happened. I hope they threw the book at him. This claptrap was in the top 10 in the fall of 1959.

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