Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ivo Robic

Ivo Robic This guy was Croation. It seems he had quite an international career, but it old NA he only had 2 pop hits, and only one was in English.

Ivo Robic:

Morgen – Well this is foreign alright, German to be exact; “morgen” means morning. I have no idea what this song is about; I suppose I could look it up, but for reasons I am too lazy to explain, I won’t. Imagine a German (or any language other than English) song hitting the Billboard charts now. (Ok, forget Nena, that was, what? 1984?). This was from the fall of 1959.

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ceintsdebakelite said...

I just posted an article about Ivo Robic on my blog devoted to 78 rpm records, if you are interested you can listen to his cover of French song Domino here :
Ceints de bakelite

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