Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin This is way out of sync. Ken Griffin died in 1956.

Who was Ken Griffin? Yes, you may well ask who was Ken Griffin. It seems that Ken Griffin played organ. In fact, Ken Griffin played (almost) unaccompanied organ. There is something evocative about this. Every time I hear this music, I am 8 years old, on a shopping trip with my mother.

I don't remember where I picked this up but its purpose for me originally was to provide ambient mood music where I had space to fill; I used it like that but, being neurotic, I put it all back together eventually. In the process, a few tracks got lost.

Ladies and gentleman, Ken Griffin’s Greatest Hits:

Ken Griffin:

• Cruisin’ Down The River
• The Syncopated Clock – This is also on Percy Faith’s Greatest Hits.
• Love Letters In The Sand – Later a hit for Pat Boone
• My Happiness
• April In Portugal
Harbor Lights – The same one that The Platters did.
• Sleepy Time Gal
• The Anniversary Waltz

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