Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Fendermen

The FendermenThe standard bearers of the Loony Tune right behind The Hollywood Argyles. There one hit surely appeared on every possible such collection.

For the record, The Fendermen were two guys, Phil Humphrey and Jim Sundquist, who is still a Fenderman (?). After Muleskinner Blues, they were never heard on the radio again.

The Fendermen:

Muleskinner Blues – Orginally Blue Yodel #8 by Jimmie Rodgers (the singing brakeman, not the guy who did Honeycomb). It was also a hit for Bill Monroe, and Dolly Parton later on, but nobody did it like this. It’s an android-hillbilly gigglefest, unique in the annals of pop music. From the summer of 1960. Good morning captain…

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