Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skip & Flip

Skip & FlipSkip & Flip were not really Skip & Flip. Flip’s name was really Skip but he was called Flip because he Flipped their names, and Flip’s name was really Skip and they called him Skip because it rhymed with Flip.

Not so, says Wikipedia, which claims that their real names were Clyde and Gary. My story is better. Besides Cherry Pie, they had a minor hit called Fancy Nancy, and a big hit called It Was I, which I only recently just heard for the first time on Radio Bop, an internet oldies radio station. I got my one and only Skip & Flip track from a real scratchy old 45.

Skip & Flip:

Cherry Pie – Songs about food are not in great abundance. Most aren’t even about food. Mashed Potatoes is about a dance, Sukiyaki is a love song with a Japanese title that is not Sukiyaki or anything close, and Hot Pastrami isn’t about anything at all. Cherry Pie might be a love song or something like that, and given that this is a family oriented blog, I will not elaborate. From the summer of 1960.

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