Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garry Mills

It’s the monkeys typing Shakespeare phenomenon; given an infinite number of recording artists recording an infinite number of songs over an infinite period of time, inevitably 2 singers with the same name will do the same song at the same time. But here on earth there is no infinity, so we must settle for the singers’ names being one letter off. Garry Mills and Garry Miles were on the charts at the same time with the same song. The fact that Garry Miles’ real name was not Garry Miles does not detract from this curiosity one whit.

Garry Mills

Look For A Star – Dippy romantic stuff. It’s not clear whether he is singing about astronomy or celebrity. This was a hit at the same time for Garry Miles and for Billy Vaughn, whose version had no vocals. From the summer of 1960.

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