Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Hollywood Argyles

Alley Oop

The wasn’t much to The Hollwood Argyles besides Alley Oop. The group was really Gary Paxton, who was half of Skip & Flip, and some studio musicians and singers. That was, by the way, typical of the time. The whole Milli Vanilli controversy becomes kind of funny in that context. My “collection” comes from one of those Looney Tunes albums, the commercials for which were the bane of daytime TV watchers.

The Hollywood Argyles:

Alley-Oop – This version of the song competed with the one by Dante & The Evergreens, but the Argyles won by 14 points. Their recording went to number 1 and it was the only hit they ever had. Offhand I can’t think of any other songs that commemorate comic book heroes, unless you count Batman, but that came from the TV series. You could also make an argument I suppose for Popeye The Hitchhiker by Chubby Checker, but you’d lose. From the summer of The Hollywood Argyles1960.

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