Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Rebels

Wild Weekend These guys were from Buffalo, NY, and their big day in the sun came in 1963, by which time it seems they no longer existed. They became known as “the Rockin’ Rebels” so as to avoid confusion with Duane Eddy’s backup group, but they were The Rebels originally. Just to keep collectors busy, the reissue of Wild Weekend was sometimes by The Rockin’ Rebels, and sometimes by The Rebels.

The Rebels:

Wild Weekend – As if any further proof was needed that Canada is culturally superior to its American neighbours, Wild Weekend hit number 10 on the CHUM chart (Toronto) in the spring of The Rebels1960, three years before the reissue finally saw sunlight on Billboard. The song, a super grooving guitar / sax instrumental, fits nicely into the surfing genre, which did not exist when this record was made, but which existed indeed when it became popular.

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