Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garry Miles

I kind of miss the thrill of discovery. Days were when I spent hours and hours looking through racks and boxes and shelves and drawers, at libraries, second hand record shops, thrift shops, garage sales. At some point I became better informed, with Whitburn and other similar books, but at one point I didn’t even have that; I just flew by the seat of my pants

I’m thinking about that as I remember the album from which I pulled my one and only Garry Miles recording; the album, which I’ve mentioned before, was called The Roots Of British Rock, misnamed really because the roots of British Rock were American. It ought to have been called, perhaps, the British Roots of British Rock. I knew almost none of the tracks on it when I picked it up; an exception was Telstar. But hearing opened up a door to a fascinating part of pop music history, especially to a North American like me, who never got to hear these songs on the radio, not even as oldies.

All this is odd, because according to Wikipedia, Garry Miles, whose real name was Buzz Cason (ok, it was James, not Buzz) was American. So I don’t know how his one and only hit ended up on the British Rock album. But there it was, and there I found it.

This is the guy that wrote Everlasting Love.

Garry Miles:

Look For A Star – The same as the one by Garry Mills, and also a hit at the same time for Billy Vaughn. From the summer of 1960.

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